Agreement regarding personal information handling:

  1. Operators:

    Avelio Systems Co. Ltd. Managing Director Kuniyasu Kamachi

  2. Personal Information Protection Administrator,

    Executive Director Asa Yoshii

  3. Use of personal information:

    Personal information acquired is under strict control, and will not be used for anything outside of the scope of the following.

    1. To answer your inquiry.
    2. To contact in regards to the above.
  4. Disclosure of personal information:

    Personal information that we receive may be disclosed, corrected, deleted or notified of the purpose of use. Personal information will only be disclosed in response to a request from the person providing the information. In such case, please use the contact information below. Only once it has been confirmed the person requesting the information is the person related to the information, the information will be disclosed. In addition, as a result of the disclosure, the information may be corrected, deleted, or requested to have the use of it be stopped.

  5. Providing personal information is voluntary:

    Please be aware that if you have not provided us with your information that we may not always be able to answer your inquiry.

  6. For other inquires, complaint resolutions or proposals, please check here (Japanese).